silicon nitride lining tile

Silicon nitride ceramic lining tile is widely used in thermal power, steel, metallurgy, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port and dock enterprises, coal conveying system, pulverizing system, ash and dust removal system and all wear resistant mechanical equipment
Characteristic of silicon nitride lining:
A.The hardness is big.Its hardness is HRA90-92, hardness is second only to diamond, far more than wear resistant steel and stainless steel and alumina, zirconia ceramic wear resistance.
B. silicon nitride ceramic lining has much better wear resistance.500 times of the wear resistance of manganese steel, 10 times of alumina piece. According to our customer tracking survey, under the same conditions, can extend the service life of the equipment at least 50 times.
C.the weight is light.Its density is 3.2g/cm3, less than half of iron and steel, can greatly reduce the load of equipment.
D. si3n4 ceramic lining is bonding firm, good heat resistance.It can be used in a 1300 degree environment for a long time without aging; and can withstand high thermal shock which other materials can not withstand; abrasion resistant lining with heat-resistant adhesive paste in the inner wall of the equipment. So the value of heat resistance depends on the heat resistance of the heat resistant strong adhesive.Common specifications of this kind wear resistant lining: 10*10*3-10, 17.5*17.5*3-15, 20*20*4-20, 24*24*10.

silicon nitride ceramic lining

silicon nitride ceramics
silicon nitride ceramics