silicon nitride ceramic ball

There are many advantages for silicon nitride ceramic ball,you can find as below.

1. Strong corrosion resistance. Silicon nitride ceramic balls are provisioned with anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance stability in oxidizing and corrosive environments, especially in the contact area squeezed out of the oil film by repeated rolling.
2. High temperature resistance. The strength and hardness of silicon nitride ceramic balls can constant at 1100 ℃.
3. Non-magnetic property and electrical insulation. Si3n4 ceramic balls can also be used in the magnetic field.
4. The density of silicon nitride ball is 3.26g/cm3,which is 60% lighter than the steel ball, greatly reducing the centrifugal force and abrasion of bearings rotating at high speed. Moreover, due to the low density and little centrifugal force of ceramic rolling materials, it can run at higher speed and generate less heat.
5. High rigidity and high strength. The hardness is twice as high as the bearings steel ball while the elastic modulus is half of that.
6.  The linear expansion coefficient of the silicon nitride ceramic ball is 3.2×10-6/K, almost 1/4 of the bearings steel, which is able to withstand sudden change of temperature.
7. The self-lubricating property of si3n4 ceramic ball can solve the pollution and inconvenient addition caused by lubricating medium which can also be used in vacuum and high temperature.
8. Also with the advantage of Low thermal conductivity.

grade of silicon nitride ceramic balls

silicon nitride ball